Thursday, January 16, 2014

What is so interesting about RC cars?

Most guys grow up playing with cars, whether that's Hot Wheels, Matchbox or one of those lead paint colored wooden cars. As we are getting older, most of us start deciding what our "dream car" is. You picture turning 16 and BAM! you're suddenly driving you're suddenly driving your 68' Camaro in midnight blue with white racing stripes or <<insert your dream car here>> We watch awesome chase scenes in movies and put ourselves in the driver's seat flying down the streets of San Francisco instead of Steve McQueen. The truth is for a majority of people these dreams or visions don't necessarily come true in this specific order or maybe even at all. But that doesn't mean we lose that "need for speed" or that desire to take a corner super fast. Well here's where I think RC's come into play. These cars and trucks allow us to recreate the scenes from Bullit or Fast and the Furious for pennies on the dollar compared to using the life size versions of these vehicle. We are still able to work on them, upgrade parts for performance and repair damage. The sky is the limit on making your car custom and personalized, from paint and wheels to sticking one of your favorite superheros behind the wheel (dorky I know, but come on how cool is that?) You can find all kinds of different cars to fit your mood or desired driving style. One day you might be in the mood for some drifting so you take your Traxxas Rally out for spin with some hard tires made just for drifting. On your day off maybe you want to head up to the mountains and do some off-road racing. Wherever the day may take you, there's going to be a style of RC that can join you and let you be in control of a scaled down version of one of your favorite car scenes. This just scratches the surface of why I think RC vehicles have such a strong following. I'll follow up with some more of my thoughts as to why this hobby is enjoyed by so many people. Thanks for reading!